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Women's Long Sleeve cold shoulder Dress with Ruffle -
Put on this bodycon dress and show off everything you've got! With this long sleeve dress you'll make all the girls want to be you.  Out of all the sexy dresses in your wardrobe, i guarantee this will be your favorite one. This brownish, dark mustard colored dress is tight...
Women's Long Sleeve Burgundy Red Dress With Fringe -
Ever heard the expression of "love at first sight." Usually this goes for people, but right now were talking about this burgundy red dress. The navy and brown fringes will make you fall in love with this mini dress. There is no doubt in my mind u will make this...
$18.99 $74.95
Women's Long Sleeve Navy and White Plaid Dress
Did you just spend the whole day at the mall looking for cute casual dresses, Only to come home disappointed. What's your next move? Let me guess, you searched for dresses online. Well, good choice because you ended up here looking at this plaid dress. This long sleeve dress is...
Women's Peach Cold Shoulder Tunic Dress
" Have you seen that stunning dress" friends say as you pass by. This peach cold shoulder  dress can be worn casually but also dressy it features 3/4 sleeve ,exposed shoulder.
$45.00 $69.00
Women's Sleeveless Patchwork Print Tunic Dress
When you’re walking around in this sleeveless patchwork print tunic dress, they’ll be thinking  She's Got It All! Beauty, style, and class, you’re everything they wish they had! You’re inspiring others! This tunic denim dress features sleeveless sleeves, lace trim, patchwork detail design. Small:  L: 33" B: 34" W: 40"...
$50.00 $70.00
Women's Skirt Dress Black And White
Elegant, Classy, This is what fashion is all about! This cocktail party dress features printed bottom, sleeveless sleeves, low neckline. Sizes And Measurements: Small:  L: 36" B: 32" W: 26" Medium:  L: 37" B: 33" W: 27" Large:  L: 38" B: 34" W: 28"
 Women's Black  and White Cocktail Mini Floral Design Dress
Have a great time with your friends, or on date night either way your going to look stunning in this mini black cocktail dress. The white floral print on top makes it stylish, yet, very affordable! Its a fitted mini dress you can't go wrong with. This scalloped dress by the neckline...
$43.95 $50.00
Women's burgundy Cocktail  Party Dress with slit
Everyone knows the classic red lips look, well, why don't you give your lips a break and choose a red, burgundy dress instead. It's the perfect length where its not too short but not too long either. It will have people stopping and staring when you walk into the party. This wine...
$49.95 $52.00
Women's long sleeve Black Cocktail Lace Dress
People won’t have a problem giving you compliments as you walk by in this black cocktail dress.Its a sexy going out party dress you wont want to miss out on. Not only is it a hot dress its also comfortable too. This black long sleeve party dress features round neckline, lace...
$44.95 $55.00
Women's Cocktail  Animal Leopard Print Party Dress
Who doesn't love a brown leopard print dress.It is very flirty and fun, yet very classy as well.  It has black floral printed lace at the top of the dress. This black and brown animal print cocktail dress features crochet detail, leopard print, scoop neckline.  Sizes And Measurements: Small: L: 34" B:...
Women's Dress White And Black With Belt Dress
" Have you seen that stunning dress" friends say as you pass by. This casual but dressy dress features sleeveless sleeves, black leather belt included, zipper closure. Size And Measurements: Small: L: 34" B: 30" W: 26" Medium: L: 35" B: 31" W: 27" Large: L: 36" B: 32" W: 28"
Women's Blue And Black Polka Dotted Party Dress
With this all over polka dotted dress you can choose whether you want to dress it up and make it a party dress or dress it down for a everyday casual dress look. The choice is is yours and which ever you pick it will still look cute. The flowy...
$18.99 $79.95
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